A wavy backdrop upholstered in brown velvet with a backlit sign showing the

Allpress Espresso AFW 2024


May, 2024


Sydney Carriage Works


Rhys Warren

L&L Services

Concept design & Build, Graphic design, Event management, Costume Design, Activation

Espresso specialists meet brand pop-up experts. Allpress Espresso enlisted our help to make a statement at Sydney Fashion Week. We enjoyed bringing their brand to life in a stunning setting, showcasing its rich, delicious tones to create a warm, inviting, and unique pop-up cafe.

Inspired by their rich specialty roasteries and a brand deeply rooted in the best independent cafes worldwide, we amplified these elements to create a striking impact within the concrete walls of Carriageworks.

The result was a meticulously crafted set of luxurious materials, mirroring the precision and quality of the specialty coffee served within. When our design team came up with the idea of a giant velvet-covered wavey wall, a challenge for the production team would be an understatement, but they executed it to perfection as per usual. Details on details.