Little & Large is a collaborative, design-led creative events studio that delivers seamless, high-impact events and installations you’ll want to host, post and celebrate.

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We’ve been called a lot of things in our 25+ years in the industry: vision-board virtuosos, architects of imagination, phenomenal planners, problem-solvers, and perfectly extra — all of which are true. But if we met by the grazing board on a Saturday night? We’d tell you we’re even more than that:

We specialise in dreaming, designing and directing innovative installations, beautiful brand activations and playful pop-ups, lighting up the commercial events landscape with bold colour, inspired ideas and a fresh take on fun — and how to have it.

From that first spark of inspiration scribbled on a serviette, all the way through to a triumphant post-event pack down, our expert in-house design and production team makes creating unforgettable events a no-brainer, balancing beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality and ensuring every tiny detail is thoroughly thought out and effortlessly executed.

And when it’s all wrapped up? We’ll have created a one-of a-kind concept that captures your unique ideas, however little or large, and brings them to life in unforgettable style.

The Founders

Andrew Mcpherson Headshot on blue background

Favourite Tool For the Job

Ring Ring

Andrew McPherson

Lead Sales & Director

With 30 years of extensive experience in retail activations Andrew is your guy to talk to when you need a solution.
Andrew lives with his phone to his ear, creating connections and building relationships that last. It says a lot about his character that he’s still working with clients from when he first started in the game.

He saw a need in the industry - Quality custom events, done differently. That’s where Little & Large chimes in.

Favourite Tool For the Job

Cut to it — Sewing Scissors

Jo McPherson

Lead Experience Design & Costume

Also having 30 years of experience and a passion for executing seamless events, Jo brings unparalleled expertise to bringing events to life and making **it happen.

A creator, a do-er, and the driving force behind anything to do with the customer experience. Craft, costumes, talent, event flow and all the little things that go into making events that actually work.

Favourite Tool For the Job

Cheesy but true — Ideas

Rory Garden

Lead Project Manager & Director

Rory is a creative problem solver and big picture thinker. Innovative and hungry for the new and out of the ordinary. He’s our expert jack of all trades who thrives off a challenge.

You’ll find him either behind a screen juggling complex budgets, or in the workshop/on-site solving tricky build problems with the crew. With an extensive digital background, there’s nothing he won’t tackle head first.

Favourite Tool For the Job

A pencil and a sketchbook

Alesha Garden

Lead Graphic Designer

Conjuring up vibrant, unique and creative concepts is Aleshas’ passion and strength. With an extensive background in brand design and art direction, she leads the design team with an overall "nothing is impossible" attitude.

She’s a visual dreamer, and thrives of the collaborative nature of solving problems through well thought out design. Creating industry leading visuals, her aesthetic is why you’ll be back for more. Creating big ideas you’ll want to host post and celebrate.

Favourite Tool For the Job

Calculator or Soldering Iron

Mark Hassall

Director & Accounts

Here from the little beginnings, stayed for the large thinking. Mark offers a different way of seeing things. A technical problem solver you'll find him buried in cables with a soldering iron in his hand or with a calculator looking at the sums.

Anything electrical, technical or digital? Mark is your guy, he can fix it, break it, solve it and make it.

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