Colourful Container Bar setup for Malibu. At Laneway Festival.

Malibu for Laneway


February 2024


Brisbane Showgrounds


Capture Collective

L&L Services

Design, Build, Activate

A colourful collaboration between our team and Dark Horse the Agency led to a dazzling Malibu Rum pop-up at Laneway Festival Brisbane. Together, we brought their vision to life with passion and creativity, infusing quality into every detail.

From the moment attendees stepped into our tropical oasis, they were greeted with Malibu makeover stations, where they could indulge in a splash of glam before hitting the festival grounds. But that’s not all – we also introduced the ‘Spill the Tea’ booth, where secrets flowed in exchange for exclusive merch. The showstopping photo wall, a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns served as the perfect backdrop for countless Instagram-worthy moments.

With refreshing Malibu libations flowing from our bars, the colourful energy of the crowd matched the kaleidoscope of hues adorning our container bar.

Malibu Set at Laneway Festival. A Colourful Booth Called 'Spill the Tea'.
Outward View of the Entire Malibu set for Laneway Festival Brisbane.
Multicoloured Arched Entry into the 'Spill the Tea' Interactive Room with Coloured Signage and Blue, Glitter Entry Curtains.
Malibu Pink Cowboy Hat Merchandise Exchange.
Multicoloured Spray Painted Leaf Photo Moment Backdrop with Malibu Signage.
Pink Malibu Cocktail Menu Signage.
Multicoloured Signage to the 'Spill the Tea' Enclosed Area and a Purple Arrow with White 'Open' Lettering.
White Palm Tree Signage Against Orange Entry Arch.
A Cornered, Outward View of the Entire Malibu set during Laneway Festival Brisbane.