Curious Critters


September 2022


Westfield Carindale


Capture Collective, Little & Large

L&L Services

Concept design & Build, Graphic design, Event management, Costume Design, Activation

Say hello to “Curious Critters” at Westfield Carindale for the September school holidays. Discover the world of creepy crawlies. Hunt for hidden critters, trace and create your own species, and explore the mossy tunnel.

The custom-made tracing tables were an absolute hit for all ages with great engagement. At Little & Large, we love coming up with custom craft ideas that really fit the concept and set, this is a prime example.

Design features we geeked out over:

  • 2x6m Tunnel covered in moss.
  • Rotating digital tickers lining the tunnel adding a playful digital element.
  • Real Creepy Crawlies displayed “Cabinet of Curiosity” style.
  • Tracing tables with custom designed traceables to match set.